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NOVA, the home of innovation in Woodturning, is announcing an exciting line up of new accessory products for the fall.  This is in addition to its major product releases of new lathe, Smart DVR drill press and new chuck products over the 2015 season, in what promises to be a bright and busy year for NOVA!

The 23 new products provide solutions for turners and woodshop owners alike, as NOVA aligns itself to provide total Woodshop solutions via its sister DVR brand.

The products range from interchangeable toolrests, to mobile shop bases, and are priced to provide a quality and value solution for shop owners and turners. These will be available throughout the USA and other markets via NOVA’s dealer network, from October 2015.

Look for announcements around the major new product releases coming up! 

Simply Click on image to begin .pdf download or request a hardcopy version of the catalog HERE 

Download/view new season catalog HERE

We're thrilled to announce a major customer benefit for those who purchase our NOVA Chucks and Accessories.

NOVA has now tripled its warranty term, from 2-Year full replacement warranty, to 6-Year Full Replacement.

“NOVA has always had an excellent reputation for quality and we stand behind our products 100%” says CEO Roger Latimer

“We felt it was time to give back to our customers with a longer warranty term. We’ve been in most of our markets, including US market for over 25 years and many of the original NOVA chucks are still in use today, a testament to their quality and their usefulness in the Woodturners toolkit”

For all those who have purchased NOVA Chucks in 2015, your warranty term has automatically been updated to the 6-Year Term. Contact your NOVA Dealer for more details. 

Download the Press Release (.pdf) 
NOVA INFINITY system now available! 
If you own a SuperNOVA2 or NOVA G3 Chuck, did you know you can upgrade them simply and easily to the latest in Quick Change technology?  

The new NOVA Infinity Quick Change System is now available! This new quick change chuck delivers not only no fastenings and lightning fast change overs, but also  seamless integrated design of accessory jaws, upgrades and retro fits for existing NOVA chuck owners, plus incredible strength and taper dovetail locks for an inherently strong and safe locking design. 

Head over to for all the latest, to watch videos or download manuals.  

Order from your nearest NOVA dealer now. 

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